Future Assignments

Organizing Co – Chairman And National Faculty:

World Congress of Brachial plexus and Peripheral nerve surgery (WCNS) – 4th to 7th Feb 2016, New Delhi.

National Faculty:

  • 50th annual conference of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) – Convenor Symposium on brachial plexus injury- 24th to 27th Dec 2015, Mumbai.
  • 39th annual conference of Indian Society for Surgery of Hand (ISSH)- 25th to 27th Sep 2015, Indore.
  • 6Th Biennial conference of Brachial Plexus Surgery Group of India (BPGOI) – 13th Nov to 15th Nov 2015, Jaipur

Guest Speaker:

  • 5th Asian Australasian society of Neurological Surgeons’s Neurotrauma Committee & 2nd WFNS – Military Neurosurgeons meeting, 9th to 11th Oct 2015, Jaipur
  • 3rd AIIMS Neurotrauma Conference (ANTC) 2015, 28th to 31st Oct 2015, Delhi

Chapter In Text book of Plastic Surgery – Soon to be published in 7 volumes

“Adult brachial plexus injuries including free functioning muscle transfer in upper extremity”